May 8, 2009

Mas y Mas

I think this is the last of them...we'll see.

After hiking all day on Saturday we decided that it was too much work to cook dinner on the camp stove, so we went into town and ate at Blondie's (which Jayne was so kind to introduce us to). Blondie's is a great little dive right next to the elk farm.

Said elk are coincidentally on the menu :-) They are HUGE close up. Beautiful animals.

It is the cutest little down-home restaurant full of the craziest most random knick-knacks you've ever seen. (all for sale)

Very random...

I had the grilled chicken sandwich. It was great.

But the best part was this:

If you are not from Utah you may not know what this is. It's Fry Sauce and it's The Nectar of The Gods (okay ice cream is actually The Nectar of The Gods, but this stuff is pretty amazing). I won't tell you what's in it but it's really good.

We walked around town a bit and found a great little candy shop...

I love Jonah's little hand up against the window.

And here is one of my favorite pics of the weekend. Look at those chubby little wrists!! I love Jonah's fat little hands, I just want to nibble on them, and often do. It makes him giggle.

I lied. There will be at least one more post with camping pics :-)


jayne said...

Nectar of the Gods, Katie? Hahahhaa:)
Blondie's is a very randomly wonderful little spot in the world, that's for sure. So glad I could share it with you!

Camille said...

Come on Katie, for real? I had no idea there were so many AMAZING pictures of me in this world. I'm truely flaberghasted. Just let me know when you're done posting them. Thanks girl.

Kate said...

Whatcha Talking About Willis? The pic in this post is darling! All of your pics are darling because you are darling dahlin' :-)