May 17, 2009

Last of the Zion Pics

Okay, this is it, the last of the camping trip pics. I managed to really drag that out eh? Enjoy these because tomorrow you are going to be bombarded with tutus, Dr. Seuss, ribbons, bows, ballet slippers and pink tights. It's going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!

Ok, got that off my chest. Here you go...

Caleb took us to some very cool Petroglyphs that not many people know about. They are tucked back up in a canyon past the tunnel.

This giant tree is up the canyon. Jayne introduced me to her. She is massive and so beautiful. There aren't many trees this big in the desert... We think she is a ponderosa because she has beautiful red bark and she's is very straight. Chandra?

The petroglyphs are at the bottom of this wall. I decided that the native people climbed up and stored stuff in these holes. (Just so you know there is no fact behind anything i say here. I'm totally making it up.)

These are antelope with babies.

This is a giant tick that is chasing the antelope. I'm sure glad those are extinct.

These are goats with babies and a tall skinny dude behind them. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say Shepard. But who knows.

You can decide what this is...

This is an army of hunchbacked aliens from the 4th dimension. They came here when their world's resources were depleted. Also they brought really big snakes with them. Not sure why.

This is a shaman, a representation of the circle of life and a giant snake who ate a really big egg (it's stuck in the middle).

It's just so beautiful down there. I love it.

Remind you of anything? Tehe.

Prickly pear cactus. Odd how different they look from the ones in Australia. These are Bush Babe's prickly pear. Just a bit bigger.

My second favorite flower, the Indian Paintbrush. I'm not sure what my camera did to it but it really is a great flower.

And a gratuitous cuteness shot.


Bush Babe said...

Wow that was spectacular!!! Even the questionable split in the cliff... no comment! It was all fascinating though...

Loved your commentary and your cactus look a little unhealthy but very similar to our prickly pear.

Excellent post Kate!!!

Kate said...

BB - sadly all the cactus looks like that. It's really, really dry and hot there. I'm surprised anything grows at all. The petroglyphs and scenery are really amazing. I need to learn what the symbols really mean...Thanks!!

Jayne said...

I'm going to have to go with the parting shot as my favorite.

Not that your scenery wasn't BEEEyooteefull!