May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Sorry, i'm a bit late.

My mom is so amazing and I really try to show her all year long how much i love her, but it's nice to have at least one day a year to really focus on her.

Jayleb and the kids, Levi, and the Powell's were there. We definitely missed Zach, Amanda and Leland but Amanda is still stuck to the couch.

Levi premiered his new moustache. We all decided that he looks a bit like Tom Selleck.

Okay maybe not in that pic.

Here he is dutifully pouring over the latest issue of Sunset Magazine, planning the garden, the summer trip and picking out some great new recipes :-)

I convinced Dad to try my oreo blob things. He liked them...he just won't admit it. (he doesn't like chocolate)

Jayne made an amazing dessert from Pioneer Women's website.

It was soooo good. People were fighting over licking the pan.

That's it on the left. We also had Shannon's famous chocolate cake, oreo blob thingers, and chocolate covered strawberries.

Jonah really enjoyed the strawberries.

And mom and jayne loved all the chocolate.

Emmy had enough of the noise and she curled up with a blanket and Beauty and The Beast.

And Caleb did what he is best at...hiding in front of the computer :-)

Do you see that look on his face? That's the Kepsel Stare. We all have it. Even the grandkids. It's amazing.

And here are the cute ones...

I love that face. Oh Jonah, you are so cute!

I love you Mom!!! Thank you so much for all that you do and for being my best friend!


Amanda said...

I've been so sad missing all the family fun! I know Leland would love to see his LaLa and PaPa too! So, we'll be home this weekend. Expect our smiling faces at the Kite flying activity. :)

Jayne, maybe you should make that delicious looking dessert again, cause i'm drooling over the look of it.

Jayne said...

Ahhyes, the Kepsel stare. I'm so sad that I fail at this look every time I try. I'm hoping to get it down by our 50th, cause I ought to officially be a Kepsel by then, doncha think?
This is what it says:
"I know I'm good looking.
Really I don't mind that you're taking my picture, but I can't show it.
I am so much smarter than you.
Why are you here?
How much longer do I have to deal with you?"

The end.

Jayne said...

Oh yes, and Happy Mother's Day, Lala:) I love you too!

Kate said...

Sadly Jayne you are almost there, we have definitely corrupted you. Sorry :-)

karla said...

Amanda we miss you and little man Leland and are looking forward to your being home soon.
TO ALL - the "look" actually is saying, "Oh, I'm so bummed - it's my sister with her *&^%&$$# camera. I was wishing it twer my darling wife Jayne!"
Thank you Katie for not posting the 'other' Lala pictures :)

Kate said...

Ouch. That was hurtful.

Amanda said...

I always thought that look said...
"I'm supposed to show emotion right now, but i'm not going to cause its more fun to make you wonder if i even have feelings."
I have pictures of Leland pulling this face. Watch the video on our blog where he's blowing raspberries on Zach and when Zach tickles him The Kepsel Stare commences. Its great.

Jayne said...

'Twer' Mom? Twer? Is that a word?

Emmy: I want to say I LOVE YOU KATIE!