May 4, 2009

Camping Numero Dos

This is the face I woke up to the first morning:

How's that for the best wake-up call ever?

Emmy then jumped in my tent and we played with her princess dolls for awhile:

So the princesses are real dolls with dresses and shoes and all sorts of fun stuff. The prince is a cardboard cutout. :-) Interesting eh?

Even the mice are 3 dimensional.

The dresses are rubbery, plastic, kinda strange.

Who in their right mind made these teeny tiny shoes for a child's toy?

All together a pretty awesome morning. We then headed out to Weeping Rock. Oh but first Caleb beat up on his wife awhile.

Then Weeping Rock. I wish my camera would pick up the water raining down. But believe me it's there.

I love these pretty little flowers that grow under Weeping Rock. Not sure what they are but they are so beautiful.

Stay tuned. More tomorrow.


meegz said...

i'm on the edge of my seat.:) and yes, polly shoes are insane!! They tend to get vacuumed up around here.

Jayne said...

Those shoes get confiscated until further notice around here. She only gets them when Jonah's not around.

I am in love with that photo of Em and Dad! The one with her standing on the wall - SO cute! She's actually smiling normally, isn't that rare?

And thank you for bringing my abusive relationship out into the open:) Good thing I have a wicked right hook

Chandra said...

The flowers are called Shooting Stars!

Kate said...

Thanks Chandra! I should have known you would know. And the name is very fitting for such a pretty little flower.