May 19, 2009


Get ready to be really jealous my friends.

It's a well know fact that i have a long running love of all things Smokey The Bear. I had a great t-shirt years ago but it disappeared. I think someone stole it. Anyhoo, my friend Brittany's boyfriend Erik (who is coincidentally also my friend!) happens to work for the forest service. Don't tell Brittany but that's the whole reason I'm her friend ;-) Anyway, he has given me some Smokey The Bear stickers and a rubber bracelet which are way cool but this time he outdid himself.



It's a Smokey The Bear key chain!!! (sorry my iPhone isn't taking great pics today) And it gets better!

The back has a thermometer AND a compass. Only Smokey would think of this. It's brilliant.

Feel free to shower me with Smokey The Bear paraphernalia from here on out. I doubt anything could be better than the key chain but you can try.


Brittany said...

how rude :P

Bush Babe said...

If you were an Aussie, you would be known as "a complete dag"...

We love dags.

Jayne said...

Wow, I used to have a whole bunch of smokey stuff too! Most of which if I find you are more than welcome too. I'm positive I saw my Smokey the Bear Ruler just the other day...

Jayne said...

That comment sounded a little sarcastic, but I am here to say that I was being total serious.