May 30, 2009

Babysitting Bouncy Babies

Caleb and Jayne went away for the night for Caleb's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALEB!!) and Mom and I watched the kids. We had so much fun. I have not laughed so hard in a long time.

They are both such good kids and it was so much fun but it cracks me up that it took two of us to wrangle them. Mom was wondering how she used to take care of four of us by herself (Dad helped too but he was TDY a lot).

We mostly kept giving them food to distract them from missing their parents.

And Jonah was just fine with that.

This might be the most frightening picture i've ever taken.

Keep an eye on this one Jayne.

Jonah was very excited for the tramp.

And then he hid under it. Not so safe with Emmy bouncing on top.

We had some real quality tramp time. I was the kangaroo and Emmy was the lion. Not sure where she got this from but apparently lion LOVE to eat kangaroo (despite the fact that they reside on two different continents). Emmy's imagination amazes me. She makes up the craziest stories and songs and they all make perfect sense to her. If i had one wish for us all tonight it would be that we could all be a bit more childlike.

This is a close up of the lion eating the kangaroo. It was really gory.

This is one of my favorite new pics of Emmy, and you can't even see her face. I just love the hair.

We even attempted bath time.

Check out the farmer's tan on Jonah!

In a final attempt to wear them out before bedtime we roughhoused for awhile.


Pretty hats:

Eat LaLa:


They finally fell asleep and we all got some much needed rest.

The next morning I let Emmy dress herself and we ended up with this:

Stripes and polka dots...need i say more?

Still cute as a button.

Jayne (and my mom and all of you other mothers), you are saints for doing this all day every day. I hope that I can be as wonderful a mother as you are. Good thing I have your kids to practice on eh? Poor kids :-) Anyway, call me anytime!!


Sue said...

Such fun!!! And weren't you deliriously exhausted? But in a good way:)

Love those babies!


Aunt Sue

Jayne said...

I just informed my entire family that they need to watch the new movie on your blog! Caleb and I haven't laughed that hard in a while! That's our girl for you.
Great post Katie! It makes me feel a teensie bit better about putting you through that!

Brittany said...

Wow I'm going to hire you next time I need someone to babysit me!