May 7, 2009

And Even Mucho Mas

Shaking the caterpillar cocoons off the tent. They were everywhere!!

Doing what we do best...watching Caleb clean up the camp site.

She's got the moves.

Ready for this? Flip through the pics quickly and you will get a good picture of my morning :-)

Like kids in a candy shop...


Jayne said...

This post might just be in my top 5 favorites ever. Possibly top 3.

I do realize that I'm WAY biased, seeing as how this post was made possible by my DAHling chillin's and hard-working hubby.

I'm so glad they look like him:)

Honestly, Kate, I love this post. You are good at this blogging stuff.

karla said...

I loved it too!
Your DAHling chillin's Jayne look way like you....lucky them!
Good blogging Kate, made my day!