April 2, 2009

Mountain Maggots

That's what we call sheep round these parts. What do you call them in your neck of the woods?

So generally i really don't like sheep. Just a personal preference. But i have always loved, been in awe of, amazed by sheep herding dogs. I like to go to the competitions and watch them work.

I saw this video on YouTube and just died. It is so awesome. You will love it too. Because i said so. I mean the guys do a great job and it's just a brilliant idea but again, i love the dogs. I love the Pong section.


Amanda said...

Zachary: "Sheep-tastic!"
Amanda: "Sheep -tacular1"

And thus the night was at a peak.
Thank you Kt.

karla said...

Holy Sheep! That was funny.
no s.i. (sarcasm intended)

Jayne said...

That was BAAHutiful!
Ewe crack me up, Kate!
Wool you see us this weekend?
We miss you, my lamb.
I just put clean crisp sheeps on the guest bed!

Okay that last one was a stretch.