April 7, 2009

I'm pretty much famous

I listen to this great podcast each called the Friday Feedbag. It's through the Discovery Channel and it's way too cool for school. I learn lot's of great facts that make me more like Dwight each day.

They did a podcast story about Thunder Snow and then a couple of weeks later we actually had Thunder Snow in our forecast. So i sent them a screen cap of the forecast.

Turns out they pretty much love me and talked about me on the podcast and posted the screen cap on the blog. So i'm pretty much famous. I know, you are very lucky to know me.

Everyone at work is so jealous and wants my autograph, which i of course happily provided. Here is it on Brittany's wall.

Here is a close up. You can print this off and hang it on your wall as well.

I need to work on my Blue Steel look...


Brittany said...

Whoa I have a messy desk!

Jayne said...

Sheesh Brittany, how embarassing.


Kate, you're not pretty much famous - you're SUPER famous! That sweater you made me for christmas? Definitely worth a load now, I'm saving it forever.

Bush Babe said...

Too funny... if only I had sound on this computer... then I would REALLY never get anything done!!

Sue said...

I knew you'd be famous one day. Don't forget the little people in your life!

Bowing down to your Blue Steel look,

Aunt Sue

The Wageman Clan said...

You make me laugh! I'm so glad I finally have a friend that has become famous. :) I loved your picture and autograph. Hope all is well!