April 18, 2009

I have the cleanest ears ever!!

Seriously, I do. They are really clean. Wanna know why? Do ya, do ya? It's cuz i wash em. All the time. With soap even. It works real good.

But what i wish i could do is wash the insides. I use q-tips (even though everyone says not to stick them in your ears) but it's just not enough you know?

Anyone wondering where this is going? Nowhere really. Just a TMI session for you.

Ha! Kidding. Okay so Brittany and I went and did ear candling. I was a little bit nervous but it was so cool and the burning sensation only lasted a few days.

Kidding again. Didn't hurt at all. And it cleaned my ears out really well. I was amazed at the difference.

Here is my ear prior to the procedure...

And here it is after...

Amazing right?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

We started by Entering Into Tranquility.

And then this happened.

We were turned into human cupcakes!

They light a special candle that is stuck in the ear. The flame at the top creates suction and it pulls all the wax out of your ears. Not all of it of course because you need a little bit in there to protect your ears but lot's of it. And it feels great when you are done. I could hear better and my ears felt empty. It's kinda hard to explain but it was cool.

Okay i have a gross picture for you. You can leave now if you want. Just warning you...

It's the inside of the candle after! It's the wax! Gross right!!!! Ick. But at least it's not still inside my ears.

If anyone wants to try it, Rejuvenate Day Spa is running a special all month. I encourage you all to try it.


meegz said...

i think philip might like that grossness -- he lOVES clean ears!:)

Jayne said...

Kate. I have totally done this! Like as in had mine candled and candled other peoples! I used to candle my Mom's ears all the time. Seriously, if you want it done again you can buy the candles at whole foods for like $5 and I'll do it for you. Piece of cake.
Mom? Anyone?
And I agree - it's awesome! So warm relaxing. I like the crackly sound too as the candle burns down. So cool.