April 29, 2009

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary

Today is my parents Anniversary. 31st to be exact. They are amazing parents and have been such great examples of love and marriage. In a world of failed marriages, "starter" marriages, and no marriage at all, they give me hope.

I unfortunately could not find any pictures from their wedding...not sure where those went. I did find a couple old ones. Aren't they cute?!? (that's me between them, i was pretty cute too)

And finally i dedicate this clip from one of my favorite movies to you. I can totally see my Dad telling all of us singing to SHUT IT!

I love you so much Mom and Dad! Happy Anniversary!


karla said...

Thank you Katie.It has not always been easy, but absolutely worth it.
Having wonderful children helped alot :) Dad and Mom love you.

Jayne said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary from us too:)
That clip was awesome, Kate, I laughed real hard!