April 14, 2009

Easter Fun!

We had a lovely Easter up at Mom and Dad's. It was a bright sunny, beautiful day with flowers coming up all over the place. The perfect symbol of rebirth. I had to give a talk in church that morning so i wasn't super excited about the day but once that was over i was free to enjoy a beautiful Easter Day.

We had a really fun egg hunt for Emmy, while still stressing the true meaning of Easter. It's a hard balance but she seems to get it.

I was dogsitting Spaulding again this weekend and he was also very excited about the egg hunt. I had to follow him around and keep him from eating the eggs.

Emmy has decided that she loves Spaulding. It took her a little while.

New family tradition. Chalking up Emmy's feet and having her run around on the floor.

Bubble blasters are awesome!

Jayne made the cutest cupcakes ever. And they were tasty.

Caleb spent a lot of time running around with Spaulding. The boy needs a dog!


Bush Babe said...

So sweet... not the least those cakes!! My mouth is watering... cute, cute pics.

We had Dash reciting his Religious Instruction Easter sermon to us. So I am not concerned that we missed the easter message amongst the chocolate!!!

Kate said...

Okay BB, that sounds so cute! I can just hear him reciting. He is so sweet and earnest, i can imagine him being a great reciter. :-)