April 11, 2009

Conference Fun!

Last Sunday we all got together at the parents house to watch conference and eat dinner. Even though Mom/Lala/Grandma and Uncle Levi were off gallivanting in Oregon we had a great time.

Ready for some cute faces??? Well here you go!

Cousins Jonah and Leland. Don't you love how different their eyes are?

They are so much fun and starting to interact with each other more. They have both recently mastered the very hard skill of walking (i'm still struggling with that one) and are super busy exploring everything.

Jonah has a new trick...

We are actually all a bit confused as to where he picked this up but it's darn cute.

Papa had lots of fun playing with blocks, while listening intently to conference of course.

And the kids had just as much fun knocking down everything he built.

I got Emmy a new princess coloring book and we had a great art session. I told Emmy that it looked like the lady in the picture was on fire and she told me, rather scornfully, that she was not on fire and that it was just a red crayon. Duh, Aunt Katie.

Jonah got tired of walking and sat down on Papa. Why are dad's/grandpa's always so great to sit on?

These kids are so much fun and their personalities come out more and more every time i see them. I am a very lucky Aunt.

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Jayne said...

Those two boys are so cute it's ridiculous. They just keep getting more and more fun - Cute post, Kate!