April 10, 2009

Cocaine is BAD...

But i gotta admit that i love the song Cocaine by Eric Clapton.

I in no way condone drug use. Cocaine is especially bad and you end up looking like this:

(she is a wicked good singer by the way, i wish she could get her act together)

Anyway, i do not like drugs and do not suggest ever trying them but whenever this Eric Clapton song comes on i turn it up and rock out. It's just such a great song.

Do you agree? Or do you think I'm promoting drug use by listening to it? (Clapton changes the lyrics btw, to make the song a bit more anti-drug)


Sue said...

I can't even look at that picture of what's her name:( Bad, Bad, Bad cocaine!

But I do agree that Eric Clapton's song has been rockin' since the 70's.


Bush Babe said...

Oh yes, great post... I abhor drug use - very little sympathy for those who get sucked in despite a gazillion warnings about stuff that addles your brain. I'm very annoying like that. Life never gets better when you are wasted (through drugs legal OR illegal). And I have been horribly close to those who have gone completely off the rails (and never found their way back).

But that song... gets me groovin' every time! To be honest I have never really taken in the words and connotions. I sing "Rum and Coca-Cola" too, but have no desire to drink it. I'm a hard-to-sell-to kinda consumer really!!!

Kate said...

Aunt Susie - yes it is hard to look at pics of her, she is seriously messed up. I hope she can find her way back at some point.

BB - It is strange right? Everyone knows how bad drugs are and yet they keep doing them. It's the same with smoking. It amazes me the number of kids starting to smoke, which everything we know about it. I wish more people would listen to you instead of peers, tv, movies, music...whatever it is that makes them start taking addictive substances.