March 14, 2009

Starfish, Sea Anemones and Saggy Boobs

Spent a day at the coast last weekend. I love the ocean so much. I think I actually might need to move close soon but I'm having a hard time thinking about leaving my sweet niece and nephews. I really enjoy Cannon Beach when the tide is low. You can see all sort of cool critters. We found starfish, sea anemones, crabs, all kinds of fish, all sorts of was a good day. I also found my favorite new sea critter, and you will see a pic in a sec. Here are pretty things first.

I'm not sure what this crab was doing but there was a lot of foam coming out of him/her.

It's all just so beautiful.

Okay are you ready for this?

Does this picture remind you of anything?

Saggy boobs anyone? Saggy, 101 year old, breastfed six baby boys boobs? Yeah, that's what i thought too! Great minds think alike i guess. I feel kinda bad for these anemones being stuck out of the water and subject to gravity (much like aged boobs) while the tide is low, but i guess they do it everyday.

On that note, good night and i hope you all have a wonderful sabbath. :-)


Bush Babe said...

Oooohhh. I actually put my hand to my chest... I HOPE mine don't look quite this bad (certainly not green anyway!)...

The earlier stuff was gorgeous... hope your Sunday was as fun as ours...

Jayne said...

Hey I've figured out how to never get saggy boobs:

Just don't have any! Like me after my babies wean!