March 27, 2009

Random Photo Friday

I haven't had much to say lately...lucky for you guys!!! Today is no exception. I got nothing. Why don't you write in and tell me about you? That'd be fun.

Anyhoo, i was cleaning out my photo folder and found some random shots that made me smile. Maybe they will make you smile too.

Or they may just make you scratch your head. Like this one...

Any thoughts?

I love this picture...

The poppies decided to grow in the irrigation ditch out front. I love poppies.

This is one of my favorite memories.

Is there anything better than a baby falling asleep on your chest? I think not.

And then my Emmy Girl. I love this kid.

She was trying so hard to her her tongue to go off to the side there. She has a very talented Aunt as you can see.

1 comment:

Jayne said...

I love being the first one to comment. It's so fresh and wide open.

I would like to name the top photo "Twins from the planet that grows mouthless creatures with blunt blue horns"

I'm glad that you love poppies, because I'm afraid of them. They're too beautiful. They seem so seductive and pokie. (Is that a word?"

Yes, babies sleeping on chests is heavenly. Looks like you're going to have a wet spot when he wakes up though. What a doll!

The last one is my personal favorite, heaven knows why. I love your Emmy Girl too. She's been staring at this photo for some time now, and she won't tell me what she's thinking. I think she's still trying to figure out exactly what you're doing there.

This is possibly the longest comment I've ever made.