March 4, 2009

More Music

I'm on a music kick right now i guess.

I wanted to let you all know about one of my favorite duos right now. She & Him. She & Him is the fantastic little duo of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel. They only have one album (Volume One) out right now but are working on a second.

"She & Him made their debut record as a love letter to the musicians who inspired it. Volume One (Merge Records) introduces a boy and girl choir hell-bent on making music the old-fashioned way: by hand - and with as few machines as humanly possible. Ward and Deschanel share a mutual affection for the songs they grew up hearing on Los Angeles radio stations - and keep in their hearts the records that most DJ's aren't playing anymore: Les Paul and Mary Ford, The Ronettes, Nina Simone, Chet Atkins, Linda Ronstadt, the Carter Family and about a hundred others."

If you have not heard these two you are really missing out. They are just amazing. "Two thumbs WAY up!"

I'm also really diggin' on James Morrison. He has a great sound and writes well.

The end.


karla said...

I can attest to how good She & Him are. Every time they come on the Ipod (that Kate loaded), I have to stop and look at who's singing...and it's She & Him! I love their sound!I dig James Morrison too!

Jayne said...

I just YouTubed them, and I love them too! I love how natural her voice is, like she doesn't even have to try.

Bush Babe said...

Are you talking James Morrison that has been around forever? Or some new groovy dude. Cause I know of the former, but not the latter! When I ever get speakers that work on this computer, I'll check em out!!

Bush Babe said...

PS contest at my place....

Jayne said...

Caleb loves She and Him too, he just bought their album from iTunes. Totally stoked. Thanks for the new band to love, Kate!