March 17, 2009

Cute Old Men and Turkey Burgers

I was at a seminar in Portland this past weekend and ate lunch both days in the hotel restaurant. I sometimes feel a bit weird eating alone but there were many other solitary diners there so it wasn't too bad. The best part of eating out alone? I got the bread basket all to myself. Yum, yum, yummy carbs.

So the second day I was sitting there eating a delicious turkey burger when a very cute old man sat down by me. The chef and the servers all knew him so I guess he was a regular. He flirted in a cute old man way with the server and gushed over the desert. A couple of times he turned and included me in the conversation and i couldn't help but just smile so big.

(and yes, i totally took this pic with my phone in total stalker mode)

I don't know why but he just made me happy. He just seemed like a very content, happy person. I hope that I am like that when I'm old...or now for that matter.


Amanda said...

I think i spy a headless waiter. I could just be crazy, but it really looks like a white shirt black vest even some collar and where a head is to be found, i find none. Is this a lighting trick or are my contacts as blurry as i think they are?
I'm looking behind the old man. If there was a head to be found here it would be right over the top of the old mans... I might be crazy.

Amanda said...

Nevermind, zach informed me that its the back of her head i'm starring at. I took it for a post of some kind, it's the same dang color as the wood in the restaurant. .. silly.

Jayne said...

Well Kate, I don't blame you for the stalker photo. This story wouldn't have been complete without it, and if you had asked for his picture then we wouldn't have this great natural shot! Totally worth being a stalker over!