March 19, 2009

Be Good To Your Boobs!

Hello Friends!

I received an email with a video from my Aunt this morning that i feel is very important. The video is about Inflammatory Breast Cancer, which i had never heard of. It turns out that a lot of women have never heard of it.

Here is my Aunt's email:

Hi girls,
I had never heard of this so wanted to pass it along. This starts out looking like a bug bite on your breast. While doing a self-breast exam monthly (not while on period) should always be done, you should also look at your breasts for distortions, bruises, enlargements, etc. Watch the video please.

Love ya all. Be good to your boobs!


Please learn about IBC and let others know. We can't afford to be ignorant about this girls. Love you all!


The Wageman Clan said...

Thanks for the info. These kind of things are so scary! Knowledge is our best weapon. :)

Sue said...

Thanks for posting this,Katie.

Aunt Sue

meegz said...

My friend has this cancer right now. Her husaband and father are physicians, she is an OT & one smart cookie. With all of that background she wasn't able to do any preventative with her cancer..a small rash/bruise and she had chemo the next week.
It's very scary and very deadly. Take this very serious.
Check out her blog at

Kate said...

I'm so sorry Megan, your friend is in my prayers. I really couldn't believe when i saw this that i had never heard about it. We really need to get the word out and be aware.