February 12, 2009

Prayers and Water

If any of you are like my family and don't watch much TV you may not be up to speed on the serious fires that are raging in Australia right now. I was alerted to it by my friend Bush Babe and have been following it all week now. Her friend Gem is sharing her amazing story here. We have our fair share of devastating fires here in Utah and in the surrounding states and know how horrifyingly helpless we are to them.

There have been so many heroes during this. I love this picture.

Thousands of animals have been killed during these fires (some of which have been arson and that just makes me ill) and i believe the death toll is up to a tragic 170.

There are a few ways you can help if you would like too.

Pray! They need all the prayers you can offer. Pray for rain and pray for the victims and their families.
Go to the Australian Red Cross. Anything you can give will be appreciated.
Leave some words of encouragement and love for the victims and firefighters.

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