February 24, 2009

Medium Please

That's what i said at Jake's Over The Top today. It was a very long day. Brittany and I spent the day moving the office and millions of boxes to the storage unit. Yeah you heard right...millions. So we decided we deserved ice cream. Now i've purchased a small shake at Jake's before and it's pretty small so i said to myself, "self, you deserve a medium" and i ordered one. Grasshopper flavor. I like mint a lot. Why do they call in Grasshopper? It's mint ice cream with little bits of chocolate something in it. Nothing at all resembling or alluding to a grasshopper. Just saying...

So anyway, i ordered a medium and this is what i got. Brittany's is the small next to it.

Medium!?!?! What the heck does a large look like?

Needless to say it took awhile to finish it. I will stick with small from now on. But i deserved it. It was a long day.


Jayne said...

Wow. I don't care how big the large is, that's what I want! My throat is killing me right now, and the natural healing books all say that cold is relieving. That means ice cream RIGHT?
Caleb went to the store for the sole purpose of buying me ice cream last night. He's the best.
So glad you enjoyed it, Kate!

Bush Babe said...

Yep. Medium just ain't what it used to be! Hope you savoured every drop...