February 20, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Moose! Oh My!

I don't know where all ya'll live but round here we have a crazy large beast called...wait for it...A MOOSE!

Ok if you've known me for very long at all, you know that I LOVE moose. I have boxes of moose stuff. Moose towels, moose figurines, moose blankets, moose stuffed animals... You name it, i've got it. And this is why:

Can anyone say cute?!?!

So with that in mind I tell you about the very large and in charge moose beast. As much as i love them i'm actually more scared of them than bears and cougars. They are really big, they have bad eyesight and really short tempers. And like most creatures (including humans) you do not want to be between a mamma moose and her baby. In fact, in Alaska there are more moose-related deaths than bear-related deaths. Crazy right!

With all of this in mind i tell you a story. My friends Brittany and Erik were on a hike in the beautiful Utah back country. They spotted a moose and instead of backing away very quietly Erik decides to chase the moose through the woods so that he could get a good picture of it. Word to the wise. Never chase a moose through the woods.

It actually worked out okay for him :-) and he got a great shot:

Gorgeous right! I love them.

I really have no idea what i just wrote... But it was all about a moose. Goodnight.


The Wageman Clan said...

I love moose too, but am also scared to death of them. When I was hunting with Carey one time we saw a moose about 15 yards away and he started throwing rocks at it!! What a dork!

meegz said...

ah, the bartlett moose!!

Bush Babe said...

Too cool... and a good ad for a zoom lense!!!!