January 13, 2009

A Religious Experience

First of all, don't judge me. I really do love church. It was a great lesson. I just have some attention issues.

So i have this ring:

Yes, it's large, but i like it. It's fun. So i was sitting in church, listening intently of course, and decided to try the ring on my thumb. It didn't fit but something struck me like lightening from the heavens. i pulled out my pen and worked my artistic magic.

Tada!!!! Awesome right? What does this look like to you? The Pope? Hmm, that may be sacrilegious. Lots of men wear those hats right? Wait i know!

Pretty great eh? Need another shot? Here you go.

You're welcome.


Camillio said...

What's even better is that you took a picture of it in church!! I love you, Kate:)

The Wageman Clan said...

That cracks me up! Very clever.