January 9, 2009

Let's Go Trojans, Let's Go!!!!

Isn't funny how you still remember all of those cheers from high school but can't remember what you ate for dinner last night? Oh, is that just me? Hmmm.

The Trojan was my high school mascot, and yes, i know, i've heard all the jokes.

The point of all of this (yes, yes, i do have a point) is that i went to my very first professional basketball game on Monday night. I know that is absolutely shocking to some of you but it's just the way it is. I like sports, I enjoy the games, i've just never been to a professional game before. I blame this on not have a boyfriend (and not really having one for the last 10 years, but i digress...).

My friend Brittany has season tickets (she is much more normal than me) and her boyfriend (SEE!!!) couldn't go so i got to go! Yippee! It really was so fun.

They won, i decided it was because i was there. I'm their new lucky charm.

These little boys were so cute. They all had posters of the cheerleaders and they would stand up and shake what their mommas gave them. Quite good dancers actually. The boys, not the cheer leaders...

This is my new boyfriend:

Now i'll for sure have tickets to all the games. Not as good looking as Korver but darn funny. And that's what really counts... after size of his bank account.

Kidding! Egads, calm down kids. I don't care about the money. And let's face it. Looks are WAY more important ;-)

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The Wageman Clan said...

That looks way fun! I, too, have never been to a professional basketball game. I once went to a Mariners game, after I was married, with my oldest brother, not my husband. :) One day I'll make it to a Jazz game. So, I'm jealous!!