January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I get a little stressed before parties...

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!!!!

My amazing parents have the same birthday but this year was my mom's big Five Oh. We had a little shindig on Sunday and it was so much fun.

This is when she is happiest, holding her babies.

She was very excited about turning 50.

The bouquet of balloons i bought died before the party. I was really sad until Jayne and I realized that it was actually ironic and very funny.

We had tacos, my mom's favorite. Doesn't this look yummy!?

It actually turned out great we were just laughing at how amazing the canned beans looked.

This cake was made by Midway Country Corner Bakery. She does such a great job. Everything she does is beautiful.

This is LaLa's new Princess mirror just like Emmy's. Now she can look in it everyday and remember what an amazing person she is.

This beautiful girl is one of Julie & Jared's. She is a ball of fire!

And this beautiful girl is Jayne's sister Hannah :-)

She is very fond of See-Food. See food! Get It! Ha!

This is our favorite family activity.

Just look at the concentration

I was explaining the facts of life to Cami, she wasn't thrilled.

Thanks so much to everyone that came and I love you Mom and Dad!!


Jayne said...

That was definitely an awesome party. I'm surprised the cops didn't show up. And it's a good thing that Hanna has such healthy self esteem, because that picture is amazing:)

Jayne said...

And hey, don't you be makin' fun of my beans, hehe:)

Kate said...

Hanna! I'm sorry i spelled your name wrong! Can you ever forgive me? I'm really bad with names. Ugh.

Hanna Banana said...

Haha! wow, thanks katie for letting everyone know just how hott I really am! jk

karla said...

Thank you, sweet Kate for the surprise party (and the suggestion that I nap and shower!)Also Jayne and Amanda, you are all wonderful daughters.
I look at these pictures and think "who is that old la..., I mean hot babe!"