September 29, 2008

It's Farmer's Market Time!

QUESTION: What are you favorite things from the farmer's market?

I LOVE farmer's markets. I fell in love with them in Oregon where the markets are spectacular. Fresh flowers for crazy cheap prices. Raw honey, fresh fruits and veggies. Darling handmade clothing and crafts. What's not to like? The farmers's market in PC is great once fall hits. We have a wicked short growing season here and not much is ready to harvest until September-ish. But everything is ready now and i'm taking full advantage. Also, in a not so healthy vein, there is a booth at the market that sells brownies. But not just any brownies. Huge macadamia nut brownies. Chock full of nuts and with a delicious, salty, sweet layer of macadamia cookie crust type thinger on the bottom. Sigh. My butt will never be the same.

Anyhoo...while in Oregon we of course hit the farmers market. I only bought flowers and kettle corn cuz i was only there for few days, but here are some of the beautiful things i saw.

This is Maurice. He sells these:

The best cheesecake i've ever had. Wow.

Tell me all about your farmer's market!!

September 25, 2008

Long time no see!

Hey ya'll! I've been MIA on the blogging scene for a week now and I can tell that you were devastated. Hundreds of comments and emails asking where i was and if i was okay... Or, nope, my bad, not one. Eh, none of you ever comment anyway so i'm not too hurt :-)

So i just spent a wonderful week in Oregon with my beautiful cousin Laila and her pretty much the most brilliant kid on the planet son Jacob. Her husband Trent was out of town so flew in to keep her company (thank you!!!!). Jacob is pretty much the cutest little boy on the planet (don't tell Jonah or Leland). All three of them are just crazy cute kids but Jacob is at such a fun age. He is curious and stubborn and going 100 miles per house all day...and night. We pretty much sat around the house and played with Jacob the entire time...and it was GREAT! I wrapped up the visit by accidentaly calling Cousin Trent in Hawaii at 1AM. Sorry Trent! I owe you big time.

I love that i'm sounding a lot like Seriously So Blessed and i don't even care.

Okay here are all the pics of Jacob the wonder baby!

We also went to the farmer's market on saturday. The markets in Oregon are fantastic. Huge boquets of flowers for $15. We all bought one.

I will do my post tomorrow on all the other great stuff at the market. Ta ta for now! I miss you Jacob!!!!!

September 12, 2008

Name That Photo..Any Photo

Well i am at home sick for the third day in a row. It sounds nice when i'm sitting at work, to have a sick day, sit at home in front of the TV and drink orange juice. It's not. It sucks. It's gorgeous outside today and i can't even go out!

Okay, enough complaining. There are a lot worse things than having a cold. I have it pretty darn good and i can put up with gallons of mucus and constant hacking for a few days.

So as i sit here in a DayQuil daze i will post some random pics that haven't found a home in another post. Please don't blame me...blame the DayQuil.

If you would like to take a stab at 'Name That Photo' for any of them, please do. I could use some entertaining reading. Maybe i'll come up with a cool prize. Maybe some DayQuil.

These were taken at Stake Conference (church for those not up on Mormon lingo) We were obviously listening really closely :-)

I love that face.

Billy's dog came to work.

We found this so funny! I mean i know it says striping not stripping but we still laughed our heads off. it was a friday.

September 9, 2008

Tuesday Tell All

I stole today's topic from my darling sister Jayne.

Today's topic is worst injury you have ever received. Wow. This could really get gory.

September 3, 2008

Bouncing Babies

Jayne, Emmy and Jonah came for a visit last night and we had so much fun bouncing on the tramp...okay Emmy had so much fun jumping on the tramp. She doesn't really like it when other people get on with her. It throws off her groove.

Jumping makes her soooo happy. Just look at this face.

The shirt says it all!

And look at this little boy! What a face. Hi Jonah! Hi Auntie Katie!

These kids make me so happy. I love em.

Here is sweet Leland teaching Jonah to crawl. He is crawling at 5 months! Isn't that a bit early? What a couple of cute boys.

September 1, 2008

Trotting & Sheepdogs

So i had a riding lesson on Friday and we worked on trotting the entire time. My body will never be the same. I looked like a jackhammer for the first little while. That poor horse must've though i was jumping up and down on his back. I got the hang of it, got into a rhythm and then she taught me posting. Again i was all over the place. I kept sneaking my left hand up to hang on to the saddle...very bad...and getting caught. Once i got the hang of it i LOVED posting. It's great. I was so excited when the lesson was i over, i felt great! Then i went to work and sat in front a computer for 8 hours. The first time i tried to stand didn't happen. Egads I hurt. I woke up the next day with bruises the size of Utah on my legs.

This was a few days later so not quite so scary.

Despite the physical battering it was a great lesson. i'm afraid i'm a bit addicted now. I need find some cheaper lessons...

Ready for me to admit to my inner geek? Okay on Saturday i went to the International Sheepdog Classic over at Soldier Hollow. It was so cool! Those dogs are amazing. So, so smart. It was really cool to watch. As a side note...i hate sheep even more now. They are the dumbest animals ever! Rocky Mountain Maggots. (Do any of you ever wonder why The Savior calls us His sheep? I mean i know, but ponder that one for a minute.)

They also has a SplashDog competition. It was so cute. Some of the dogs were so nervous and some just flew off the edge. This big ole Newfoundland was shaking she was so scared. Her "mom" let her get down.

This is the cute Newfy.

This very smart dog ran to the ledge, decided that he didn't want to jump, ran off the platform, around the side and grabbed the ball from the exit ramp. He was very smart.

They also had duck herding. It was so hard! The poor dogs were really put to the test.

And we had some great food, of course.
Gyros and funnel cake. Yum!!!