July 30, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

So i know that here are some very important thing happening in the world right now but i would like to focus on something trival for just a sec. DSW!!! I love DSW but up until now i've had to make due with stocking up when i go to Oregon (they didn't have online shopping). NO MORE I TELL YOU! Welcome to the 21st century DSW. We have left the dark ages and entered the age of enlightenment (also known as a finding the perfect pair of shoes on clearance).
Not only do they now offer online shopping but you can view the shoes in HD. OMH!!! It's crazy, i'm still reeling.

I like these a lot...if anyone is wondering.

July 29, 2008

Don't Worry...about this stuff

So my life has been dreadfully dull as of late...nothing to blog about at all! I won some really pretty shoes on ebay...but that's normal for me.

Then i found this article and was so excited! I must share. After reading i really felt a weight lift from my chest. 10 fewer things to worry about! And, since i didn't know about a couple of them to begin with, they were checked off really quickly.

Can i also add that i'm very happy about the Nalgene thing because i too love my ratty old bottle and didn't buy any new ones.

Viktor Koen

10 Things to Scratch From Your Worry List

Published: July 29, 2008

For most of the year, it is the duty of the press to scour the known universe looking for ways to ruin your day. The more fear, guilt or angst a news story induces, the better. But with August upon us, perhaps you’re in the mood for a break, so I’ve rounded up a list of 10 things not to worry about on your vacation.

Now, I can’t guarantee you that any of these worries is groundless, because I can’t guarantee you that anything is absolutely safe, including the act of reading a newspaper. With enough money, an enterprising researcher could surely identify a chemical in newsprint or keyboards that is dangerously carcinogenic for any rat that reads a trillion science columns every day.

What I can guarantee is that I wouldn’t spend a nanosecond of my vacation worrying about any of these 10 things:

1. Killer hot dogs. What is it about frankfurters? There was the nitrite scare. Then the grilling-creates-carcinogens alarm. And then, when those menaces ebbed, the weenie warriors fell back on that old reliable villain: saturated fat.

But now even saturated fat isn’t looking so bad, thanks to a rigorous experiment in Israel reported this month. The people on a low-carb, unrestricted-calorie diet consumed more saturated fat than another group forced to cut back on both fat and calories, but those fatophiles lost more weight and ended up with a better cholesterol profile. And this was just the latest in a series of studies contradicting the medical establishment’s predictions about saturated fat.

If you must worry, focus on the carbs in the bun. But when it comes to the fatty frank — or the fatty anything else on vacation — I’d relax.

2. Your car’s planet-destroying A/C. No matter how guilty you feel about your carbon footprint, you don’t have to swelter on the highway to the beach. After doing tests at 65 miles per hour, the mileage experts at edmunds.com report that the aerodynamic drag from opening the windows cancels out any fuel savings from turning off the air-conditioner.

3. Forbidden fruits from afar. Do you dare to eat a kiwi? Sure, because more “food miles” do not equal more greenhouse emissions. Food from other countries is often produced and shipped much more efficiently than domestic food, particularly if the local producers are hauling their wares around in small trucks. One study showed that apples shipped from New Zealand to Britain had a smaller carbon footprint than apples grown and sold in Britain.

4. Carcinogenic cellphones. Some prominent brain surgeons made news on Larry King’s show this year with their fears of cellphones, thereby establishing once and for all that epidemiology is not brain surgery — it’s more complicated.

As my colleague Tara Parker-Pope has noted, there is no known biological mechanism for the phones’ non-ionizing radiation to cause cancer, and epidemiological studies have failed to find consistent links between cancer and cellphones.

It’s always possible today’s worried doctors will be vindicated, but I’d bet they’ll be remembered more like the promoters of the old cancer-from-power-lines menace — or like James Thurber’s grandmother, who covered up her wall outlets to stop electricity from leaking.

Driving while talking on a phone is a definite risk, but you’re better off worrying about other cars rather than cancer.

5. Evil plastic bags. Take it from the Environmental Protection Agency : paper bags are not better for the environment than plastic bags. If anything, the evidence from life-cycle analyses favors plastic bags. They require much less energy — and greenhouse emissions — to manufacture, ship and recycle. They generate less air and water pollution. And they take up much less space in landfills.

6. Toxic plastic bottles. For years panels of experts repeatedly approved the use of bisphenol-a, or BPA, which is used in polycarbonate bottles and many other plastic products. Yes, it could be harmful if given in huge doses to rodents, but so can the natural chemicals in countless foods we eat every day. Dose makes the poison.

But this year, after a campaign by a few researchers and activists, one federal panel expressed some concern about BPA in baby bottles. Panic ensued. Even though there was zero evidence of harm to humans, Wal-Mart pulled BPA-containing products from its shelves, and politicians began talking about BPA bans. Some experts fear product recalls that could make this the most expensive health scare in history.

Nalgene has already announced that it will take BPA out of its wonderfully sturdy water bottles. Given the publicity, the company probably had no choice. But my old blue-capped Nalgene bottle, the one with BPA that survived glaciers, jungles and deserts, is still sitting right next to me, filled with drinking water. If they ever try recalling it, they’ll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers.

7. Deadly sharks. Throughout the world last year, there was a grand total of one fatal shark attack (in the South Pacific), according to the International Shark Attack File at the University of Florida.

8. The Arctic’s missing ice. The meltdown in the Arctic last summer was bad enough, but this spring there was worse news. A majority of experts expected even more melting this year, and some scientists created a media sensation by predicting that even the North Pole would be ice-free by the end of summer.

So far, though, there’s more ice than at this time last summer, and most experts are no longer expecting a new record. You can still fret about long-term trends in the Arctic, but you can set aside one worry: This summer it looks as if Santa can still have his drinks on the rocks.

9. The universe’s missing mass. Even if the fate of the universe — steady expansion or cataclysmic collapse — depends on the amount of dark matter that is out there somewhere, you can rest assured that no one blames you for losing it. And most experts doubt this collapse will occur during your vacation.

10. Unmarked wormholes. Could your vacation be interrupted by a sudden plunge into a wormhole? From my limited analysis of space-time theory and the movie “Jumper,” I would have to say that the possibility cannot be eliminated. I would also concede that if the wormhole led to an alternate universe, there’s a good chance your luggage would be lost in transit.

But I still wouldn’t worry about it, In an alternate universe, you might not have to spend the rest of the year fretting about either dark matter or sickly rodents. You might even be able to buy one of those Nalgene bottles.

July 27, 2008

Sunday Night...

image via happy cavalier

I'm feeling lonely tonight and wishing i had someone that would say this to me...someone not related to me :-) Luckily this feeling never lasts too long. I'll be right as rain (which it's doing!!!! Yahoo!!) in the morning.

You all are beautiful, love you!

July 22, 2008

Any Takers?

Update: Yeah so no takers yet. I'm going to sell the tickets. Anyone?

July 16, 2008

So sad...

Would all ya'll like to see how pathetic i am? Here ya go. I've resorted to advertising myself on my nephews.
I actually got one for Jacob and Leland as well...cover all my bases. But their moms haven't made the poor boys wear them yet. Thank you Jayne, for supporting me in my eternal goals :-) Oh and isn't he the cutest thing since kittens???? I love him.

July 15, 2008

The Grandparents Kepsel

We had a wonderful visit from our Kepsel grandparents (whom we don't see enough of) this past weekend. They are so much fun. It's great to hear stories about what a hellion my dad was as a kid.
Mom made a delicious dinner of homemade pizza. She is quite the gourmet.
Good thing an actual baby didn't need the bouncer.
Emmy has discovered her tongue. She loves to stick it out...and take pictures. It took a little while to get it right. She kept looking me to make sure i was doing to too.

We finally got right!
Aren't we gorgeous?!?!? I love my Emmy-girl.

July 13, 2008

Make new friends, but keep the old...

I had a wonderful day yesterday with some old and very dear friends. Rachel and Doug Miller and the Newton clan had a little Mtn. Green reunion yesterday and it was so fun. I was able to see a lot people that i haven't seen a long time. It's such a contented feeling to visit with loved ones on a warm summer day. I would like to add that i was again the only one not married with multiple children...but that's okay, i'm okay with being the favorite aunt for now. There were SOOOOOO many cute kids there. I had to take pics of them (see below).

I love this picture. This is Megan with her three kids, Amy with her son and me.
So much has changed in the past few years but we really are still the same girls we've always been. I love you!!

July 11, 2008

Blessings Galore!

Our sweet little Jonah was blessed on Sunday. He looked so cute in his little white suit (the same one his dad and uncles wore).
Look at this good looking group of men! We really are a blessed family.
He looked so cute with his little angel wings. He will need therapy for being forced to wear them...but if it's not this it'll be something else right?

July 8, 2008

Well. I did it.

Is that a dog on the floor? A rat? No it's my hair.
I cut my hairs. All of them. I've been trying to grow it back out forever now but it was driving me bonkers. I was just going to take 4 or 5 inches off but that seemed like a waste when another 5 inches would mean a donation. So, off it went. What do you guys think?

What do you think? Yes? No? Lay it on me. But be nice cuz i can't get the hair back. Crap. WHAT DID I DO?!?!?!?!?!?!

Jane Austen knows all.

“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” This is my life right now. Jane always knows just how to say things. I love Austen, always have. I love all her books, even though like most women, i love Pride and Prejudice the best. I found the awesome quote under my pic over there...and then realized how many great one-liners she has. Here are some of my favorites.

"A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment."
"I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me that trouble of liking them." (this one is sooooo me)
"To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.
"The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid."
"Good-humoured, unaffected girls, will not do for a man who has been used to sensible women. They are two distinct orders of being."
"If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more."
"No man is offended by another man's admiration of the woman he loves; it is the woman only who can make it a torment."

July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!

I hope everyone has a glorious 4th! I love the 4th of July so much. It's very nostalgic for me. I love fireworks, bbq's, baseball games and just being with family and friends. But i am also very patriotic and love being able to spend a day celebrating all that is great about this country. We are so blessed to live in this country. No matter what your political views are or your feelings about the current president, i hope that we can each take some time today to be grateful for our freedoms and for the men and women who have sacrificed everything to ensure those freedoms.

Happy 4th of July!!

I walked through a county courthouse square. On a park bench an old man was sitting there. I said, “Your old courthouse is kinda run down.” He said, “Now it’ll do for our little town.” I said, “Your old flag pole is leaned a little bit.” “And that’s a ragged old flag hanging on it” He said, “Have a seat.” And I sat down. “Is the time you’ve been to our little town?” I said, “I think it is” He said, “I don’t like to brag but we’re kind of proud of that ragged old flag.

You see, we got a little hole in that flag there when Washington took it across the Delaware and it powder burned the night Francis Scott Key sat up watching it, writing “Say Can you See.” It got a little rip in New Orleans with Packingham and Jackson pulling at its seams. And it almost fell at the Alamo beside the Texas flag, but she waved on though. It got cut with a sword at ChancellorsVille and it cut again at Shiloh Hill.

There was Robert E. Lee, Beauregard and Bragg. The south wind blew hard on that ragged old flag. On Flanders field in World War One, She got a big hole from a Bertha Gun. She turned blood red in World War Two, She hung limp and low by the time it was through, she was in Korea and Viet Nam. She went where she sent by her Uncle Sam; she waved from our ships upon the briny foam. And now they’ve about quit waving her at home.

In her own good land she’s been abused, she’s burned, dishonored, denied, refused and now the Government for which she stands is scandalized through out our land. And she’s getting threadbare and she’s wearing thin. But she’s in good shape for the shape she's in. Cause she’s been through the fire before, and I believe she can take a whole lot more.

So we raise here up every morning bring her down slow every night. We don’t let her touch the ground and we fold her up right

On second thought, I do like to brag. Cause I'm Mighty Proud Of That Ragged Old Flag.
-Johnny Cash, March 1974

July 3, 2008

Animals and Cars

Jayne, Emmy, Jonah, Amanda, Leland, Mom and I went to the zoo last week. I love the zoo and it's so fun to go with Emmy. She loves the animals so much and the train. Very exciting. I was really taken with the amazing patterns of the animals. God is certainly an artist.

My dad, brothers, jayne and I also went to the Heber car show on Saturday. I love car shows. I know, i know, it's weird. But i do. I just love old cars. I'm normally a Chevelle girl but i got to say that this green Camaro was my favorite this year. I also managed to find the one outlandishly purple car there and fall in love with it. I mean come on, who doesn't love a purple car?!?!