June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Shannon!!

Today is my roommate Shannon's birthday. Everyone please wish her happy birthday :-) We had a bonfire last night for her. It was fun. Lot's of people came. We ate smores. We smell like smoke now. Kyler got jabbed in the eye. The cops showed up. Pretty typical night for us.

June 25, 2008

Ode to Emmy

So it's official. Emmy is the cutest kid on the planet. In just in case you had any doubts, which i'm sure you didn't, here are some new pics. I'd better marry a good looking man cuz my poor kids have a lot to live up to.
Seriously! Could a kid get any cuter? The answer is no by the way.

My girl.

Emmy and Lala.

A girl after my own heart. She loves John Deere as much as me!

Her greatest love and happiness...eating ice cream with no clothes.


Real Simple Magazine has a bunch of free wallpapers (thanks for the heads up Cheaping Girls) and i love this one:

June 22, 2008

Jake's Home!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

My awesome cousin Jake returned home from an LDS mission last week so we all went to church with his family to hear him talk and then went to dinner at Uncle Ken and Aunt Ellie's. It was such a beautiful day and wonderful to see the family again. Kaliz and Emma kept us entertained, they are such beautiful little girls.

June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We had a wonderful Father's Day dinner up at the parents house on Sunday. This is my wonderful Dad:
And little Leland of course! The babies are getting so big, so fast!

This is Emmy's fake smile:
You tell her to smile for a picture and this is what you get...every time.

We call this "Milk-Drunk." He just ate and got the milk-drunk look.

Jonah is so alert and curious now:

Beautiful Jayne and Emmy...with her fake smile:
We thought Hootie might be happier if we got him a friend:
Meet Peter. He's my new favorite. If i can't have a dog...Pete is the next best thing!

Happy Father's Day Pops! I love you so much!

June 14, 2008

Saturday is a special day...

It's the day to get ready for Sunday....and work in the yard.

I just love sitting in an open wheat field. Watching the full heads bob in the wind and the sound of the breeze rubbing the stalks together...
Okay, this isn't wheat. Definitely tares here kids. And it isn't a beautiful wheat field. It's my yard. Denial makes me happy.

After the carnage:

My housemates Shan and Crystal workin hard:

Power Outage

So before i get into the the amazing power outage story can i just show you this pic of the weather monday morning?
Snow! In June!! I mean i know we aren't getting the worst of the weather...no tornadoes, no flooding...so i really have no right to complain. At least it's very pretty and helps the plants.

The power went out at work on Wednesday and so we spent a good hour doing...nothing much.
We received some 3-d glasses in the mail. They are kinda trippy to wear.

This is Rusty. Hilary just rescued him. He is the cutest guy. Such cool coloring. And look at this:
He has a white tush! Like a deer. No other white anywhere, just the tocks.

June 10, 2008

Weekend in Oregon

I love Oregon. It really is the perfect state (in my opinion, and i haven't been to all of them yet!). It has the ocean and mountains and everything in between. It also has a beautiful baby boy named Jacob!!!! I was able to spend the whole weekend, except for Sunday when i selfishly took off for the coast with Aunt Sue, holding him and playing with him. His smile lights up the whole room, it's amazing.
He's on the far left. In the middle is Jonah and on the right is Emmy (you all know her!)

Jayne and Caleb were out on the coast for a vacation with Jayne's family and they stopped by Laila and Trents for dinner one night. It was so fun to have them there. And to compare Jacob and Jonah's heads...
Jacob is three months older than Jonah, but isn't that awesome?!?

It's been decided that i have a very baby-friendly chest. They ALL fall asleep on me really quickly. I guess that's one good thing about big boobs...

I also got to spend time with my little Lucy-goosie (the ONLY tiny dog I like). Such a sweetie.
The coast was soooo perfect on Sunday. The sun came out and it was warm. Just beautiful.

We went up to Ecola State Park and found this tree:
Isn't she cool? Tough old bird. I love that she's just hangin' on even though it's obviously not a great place to be living. She must like the view.

Oooo! One more and then i will put the rest in a slide show so this post isn't 10 pages long. There was a rainbow around the sun! It was so cool. I didn't know if i should actually take a picture of the sun so i just took one of the edge and the rainbow. It was very beautiful.
Pretty eh?

Ok, the rest are in a slide show.

Laila, i will send you the ones of Jacob :-) Thanks so much for putting up with me for the weekend! I love you!

June 5, 2008

Made in the Shade

I've decided to not let myself burn this summer. I really don't want my skin to look like a cow hide in 20 years. So i've started buying hats. I love Audrey type hats.

Anthropologie has beautiful hats. This one is so pretty.
They are just a bit pricey. I'll be patient and wait for a sale.

June 3, 2008

Oddest Birthday Party Ever...

My very wonderful friends came over for a surprise birthday party on Sunday. It was really very fun. Lindsay convinced us to play Kissing Rugby. It was so fun, i haven't laughed that hard in a really, really long time. Spencer then convinced us to play Truth or Dare. That was much more interesting... We'll leave it at that.

Not My Horses

These are my neighbors...get it Neigh!!! ha!!!

It's so fun to have horses in the backyard.

Look! That's me in Flyers eye! It's the small things in life :-)

Flyer and Todd


Handy Gin



Topics for June 3- July 1 - Five Senses

Summer is crazy.
So here are the topics for the next five weeks.
Post a photo, share a memory or list a favorite.

Tuesday June 3 - Sight
Tuesday June 10 - Sound
Tuesday June 17- Smell
Tuesday June 24 - Taste
Tuesday July 1 - Touch


Here is one of my favorite sites. I love poppies. They are so beautiful.

They are kinda freaky looking eh? Like little monsters.
Then they bloom. Whoa! Amazing.