March 27, 2008


okay, i know i'm obsessed but i don't care!

The date is set...for the second X-Files movie! July 25th. Here's the article. Not much info but that's okay. As long as i have something to look forward to :-)


March 26, 2008


I found a really fun blog call Tuesday Tell All. She posts a new question each week that you answer. You can post your answers here or on your own blog. It's a fun way to find out new things about your friends and family!

Topic for Tuesday, March 25th- The Working Girl

This week tell us about your favorite or least favorite job that you've had OUTSIDE of the home (we know the hardest job is being a Mom). Or just take a minute to document the jobs you've had.

My Jobs:

Babysitting (of course)
Cashier at Old Farm Market
Pizza delivery girl at Old Farm Market
Flower delivery girl
Cashier at Macey's
Video girl at Macey's
Deli girl at Macey's
Luau server at the PPC in Hawaii
Set up crew at the PPC
Researcher at Northwest Research
Executive Assistant at NWR
Accountant at NWR
Pharmacy clerk
Accountant (in oregon)
Numerous cleaning jobs
Camp cook at Camp Loll
Camp cook at Camp Bartlet
Friends of Scouting manager for the Trapper Trails Council
English tutor at Weber State University
Account Manager for DEA
Web Manager for DEA...

Nerts Night

Congratulations Wendy and Eric!!!

March 17, 2008

Welcome to the world Leland

Leland Hobbes Kepsel made his debut yesterday. He weighs 7 lbs exactly and has a head full of blond hair. He is just beautiful. Congratulations Zachary and Amanda!

I love this kid...

March 14, 2008

Done With Winter

As much as i love winter and snow i have to admit that it's starting to get old. It's dumping snow, again, right now. But in Utah we have this weird 'Sun-Snow' where it totally blue sky, sunny and it's snowing. Very odd, pretty, but odd.

This is what our backyard looks like:

And this is what Aunt Sue's yard looks like in Oregon:

Why did i move back to Utah!?!?!?!?!

Cute Jacob

Isn't he soooo cute! He is wearing the outfit I got him :-)

Painting The Parent's House

It was super fun :-)

March 7, 2008

I love the internet

The Ultimate Peep Show

Some people have way to much time on their hands...but it sure is entertaining!

March 1, 2008

Stuff White People Like

I hope no one is offended...this is just stinkin' funny. Most of them are so right on that it hurts a bit (most of the pain is from laughing so hard). I love #64, it is so true, i've seen it a hundred times.

I'm guessing that writing about this on my blog is something that white people like ;-)