December 5, 2008

Ready for some more?

The weekend after Thanksgiving we had lot's of fun. We drove up past Sundance and hiked up to the first waterfall on the Timp trail...

We went bowling as a family...I won. Once. And it was a fluke. Emmy bowled for me three times and got three strikes...

The next night was spent relaxing at the house and playing games. It was lovely. Eric KICKED our our butts at Trivial Pursuit. I dare any of you to beat him.

Okay, i can't help it. You need some parting cuteness. I may be biased but are these just the cutest faces ever?

1 comment:

Jayne said...

I'm biased too. They're beautiful.

You won bowling fair and square Kate, that was totally legal. She only knocked down a few pins for me.