December 1, 2008

I'm sick, i know

I have a TON of pics to post and lots of Thanksgiving insanity to share but since it's late and i'm tired this is all you get...

I went and stayed at my parents house for four days for Thanksgiving and i had to take Skinner. I really couldn't live without him for that long. I have issues.

OOH!! Here's another good one. We had hours of fun with PhotoBooth. See it's not so crazy to crate my computer around with me!!!


Jayne said...

Oh Katie Kate, I love your 'issues' :) No it's not crazy to haul Skinner along with you, because I would be sad to have to go so long without something new to read on your blog. I am a devoted reader, you know.

The Wageman Clan said...

O.K. So every time I get on your blog it takes me forever to catch up. I also love The Man From Snowy River. Great show! It's in our collection. I also got a good laugh at your NKOTB concert. Those were the good old days. Anyway, hope all is well.