December 26, 2008

Happy Christmas!!!

I've been at my parents for Christmas and away from my computer...the shakes are really bad but other than that i'm handling the withdrawal well.

We had a lovely Christmas, very quiet which is VERY nice. We put on the Nativity scene Christmas Eve and it was so funny...i mean, i mean funny.

I'm dog sitting a sweet little guy named Spaulding for the week and he has been so much fun. My parents really need a dog, i'm renting or i would get one. Blah.

So we had a homemade Christmas this year and everyone did such a great job, except me. Here are some of the amazing things that were made. Just wait, i'll show you what i made in just a minute.

First we have a princess mirror for Emmy made by Lala:

Zachary made this beautiful dream catcher for Mom.

Amanda made me this so cute moose ornament:

Jayne made this darling t-shirt for dad:

Jayne also made this blanket for Levi:

Mom made the lion blanket on the couch for Emmy:

I made this awesome fur thong thinger for...

Just kidding i didn't make this. I don't believe i killing furry zebras.

Jayne and Caleb gave me these beautiful photos:

Levi tied all of Dad's ties which was greatly needed since Mom foolishly untied all of them and they don't know how tie ties :-)

I gave him the cool Led Zeppelin tie:

I bought Dad a new body pillow and made the pillowcase. It pretty much rocks!

And for the pièce de résistance... Ta Da!!!!!

In case you are wondering they are sweaters. Deconstructed and then reconstructed sweaters. I won't be trying this again.

I hope you all had a happy and blessed Christmas and i wish you a joyous New Year!!

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