December 14, 2008

Christmas Questions

I haven't done a TTA for a while now and thought i would throw a few questions at you all at once.

I would love to hear from all of you. I have not yet started my family but i would love to know how all of you do things in your homes.

  1. Do you make your cards? Do you buy your cards? Do you even send cards?
  2. What is your favorite Christmas carol and why do you like it?
  3. How do you bring the spirit of Christmas into your home?
I guess i'll start things off.

I don't send cards. I should. Every year i make plans to. Then i don't. I always think that i will send them once i get married and have a family. I hope that's true!

My favorite Christmas carol is Silent Night. It's just beautiful. When i hear it i feel
'Christmas' It's about Christ which i love. It brings me back to the true meaning of the holiday. I love it in German as well. And on guitars. My friends John and Brady Mullen performed it once on guitar and it made me cry.

I don't think i did a very good job of bringing the Christmas Spirit in this year. I live in tiny apartment in a basement. I have no lights up, no tree, no's actually really sad. Maybe i will get something up this week. I would try to invite the Christmas Spirit in by playing Christmas music, displaying a nativity and trying to focus on Christ and giving to others.


meegz said...

1. Buy my cards for sure!! I've made them a few years and goodness that's a lot of work. Plus I'm just not good at it.

2. I love all the carols -- some arrangements kill me -- but I love all the songs.

3. Philip has to decorate as early as possible. I like to have traditions that center around Christ. Such as making the bed for baby Jesus, giving to those in need etc.

Jayne said...

Kate if you're looking for some tree decorating helpers, we're volunteering! Emmy would die of joy. She did a good job on our tree. Nothing died!