November 3, 2008

Two Year Olds

Do any of you know a two year old? My niece is two and she melts my heart.

On Saturday we were all at the parents house working in the yard...well Emmy wasn't, she was entertaining us.

At one point she walked up to me, wrapped her chubby little arms around my neck, laid her head on my chest and whispered in her sweet little voice...

"I'm laying on your boobs."

I gave her a big hug, said " I love you Emmy" turned around, and laughed until my stomach hurt. Ahh, the things kids say.

What are the funniest things you've heard a kid say?


Jace, Jessica and Embree said...

hey I have a ton but one of my favorites is our daughter Embree at church during sacrament the bishop is asking if any one objects to a calling made and she jumps up on the pew right at that moment and screams "NO, NO, NO, I POOPED" well that made everyone laugh and well you can imagine but they are so cute at that age. we wish we could record all her sayings especially when she wakes up from a nap or in the morning because she says the funniest things to wake us up to get her because she wont leave her bed till we come and get her and she is learning some really funny stories and jokes that she tells at those times.

Jayne said...

Egads. It's hard not to laugh when she says things like that, but I'm supposed to teach the kid how to be proper! How do you teach a child like that to be proper?! Egads again.

I love that photo you took of her, her head is so rediculously disproportionatly small it's amazing.

Jayne said...

Egads again to myself: I meant disproportionately large:)

karla said...

As a mom of 4 "say it like it is" children, I have tons of interesting blurps from two year olds. But, Levi has always been the best. Once my sister was being cute and asked Levi if he needed to go pee pee with his wee wee. He looked at me deadpan and said, "what is wrong with her!" Once leaving a bathroom with Bill a huge biker dude was walking in and Levi practically yelled, "man dad, that guy is FAT!" In sacrament meeting following a talk on the Word of Wisdom and staying healthy, he leaned forward to the rotund brothern in front of us and told him he was not obeying the word of wisdom. Out of the mouthes of babes!

Doug and Rachel said...

Katie that's awesome! I laughed and laughed! I just emailed you about your Germany questions. Kate (my three year old) in church when she was two, we were trying to hush her and so said "please be reverent" and she yells "I don't want to be reverent!" How could we not laugh! Everyone else chuckled too.