November 24, 2008

Kate's Dream

Any of you heard of a little movie called The Man From Snowy River? No? Well let me fill you in. This movie is one of the best movies ever made. I know, I know, you've never seen it on any Top Movies of All Time lists by the "Professionals" but they don't know much. So there.

First off it's about Australia. Sure fire winner right there. Secondly it's about horses and rugged, virile men chasing said horses through the bush. Thirdly it is a beautiful love story with a great kiss atop a mountain. That right there my friends is a recipe for success.

I was sure i was going to marry Jim when i was younger. I just loved him. Loved? LOVE! Let's face it, I would still marry him.

This post was inspired by my blog-friend Bush Babe. Her post this morning actually made me tear up!!! Egads Kate. You have to head over there and read the poem she posted about The Man From Snowy River. She also posted a great clip from UTube which i will post below.


meegz said...

That's one of Philip's favorite movies too. I have faith you'll marry Jim -- sort of.:)

Bush Babe said...

Ah Kate... my secret is that I cannot read this poem all the way through out loud. I choke. Sad but true!!!

2toads2luv said...

Hi Kate,

Jumped here after reading your HILARIOUS post on BB's contest post.

I just wanted to break it to you, though, and I'm trying to be gentle, but I think Jim was going to marry me... Right after he dumped Jessica, that is...

Which made me think, how many of us fell in love with Jim and Denny, dreaming about riding off into the sunset...

Jayne said...

I love your new profile picture. That's just the way I think of you. And Jessica makes me wish you had long hair again, although your do right now is gorgeous as well:)

Kate said...

Jayne - i did like my hair long, but everyone else in my life seems to like it short and it is easier to take care of i guess.

Meg - How are you? I'm glad you have faith that i will marry my Jim...i try to have faith.

2toads - Hi! Thanks for visiting! We may have to be in a fight, Jim is mine. ;-)

BB - good to know i'm not the only one who cried!