October 28, 2008

Oxygen Bar?

I went with some friends to a concert at the U on Friday and it was the big Halloween bash. We didn't know this and weren't dressed up but that's okay, we were also the oldest people there :-) Wow. Everyone was so young. I don't remember being that young when i was in college. I also don't remember Halloween being so slutty when i was in college. It's basically just an excuse for girls to dress like whores for a night. Craziness.

Anyhoo, the band was great. They are called Dark Sky City and ya'll should check them out. We then wandered around a bit while the band packed up. We got airbrushed tatoos, and then tried out the Oxygen Bar. Have you all heard about this? You put on one of those oxygen tube thingers like at the hospital and then you hook up to these tanks of "flavored" oxygen. It was interesting. I really like the peppermint. It made my nose tingle and was very relaxing. Still weird though.

Here are some pics of it. The one of us is very blurry, sorry. I'm working on getting a better one.

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Mac said...

Looking at that last picture, I wonder if you were inhaling something else as well?