October 18, 2008

Morbidly AWESOME!

Have you all seen or heard about this exhibit? This is so interesting to me. I'm so excited to go. I really should've taken anatomy in college.

I really want to go! It looks so cool. Have any of you been? Does this gross you out or intrigue you? Well, i'm going so if you want to come with...Just let me know.


Sue said...

This was at OMSI earlier this year. I didn't go, but I heard that it was very cool and amazing. They used real dead people to put these exhibits together. It shows the exact positions of muscles, ligaments, etc while doing different activities like riding a bike or running.

karla said...

Dad and I are planning on going. I can get discount tickets through my bank. Let me know when you go, they are timed tickets. And yes this fascinates me and helps me appreciate the wonder and miracle of my body.

meegz said...

I think it sounds really cool. Post what youthought after you go -- i'm interested.

Jayne said...

I wanted to go until I heard that the bodies are real. Now I'm not sure that I could handle it. I'm tender, you know.

I heard some rumor that the bodies are actually all Chinese people who were sacrificed just for the exhibit. I don't know who came up with that one, but that's just wrong. Hahhaahaa, why am I even passing that on?!

Jen and Brandon said...

I went 2 years ago when it was an exhibit in Las Vegas. It was interesting and a little disturbing. Mostly Chinese men who donated their bodies to science, so we are told. There are very few women, I have never seen so many men private parts in my life. There are all sorts of sections. Just bones, just vascular, and so on. They are real bodies, but some they put a plastic like substance through like thier viens, and then decomposed the rest of the body and just the plastic was left to show the entire vascular system, interesting. I had a hard time with the preserved babies, most of them were miscarraiges or still borns. I still think that I would have rather gone to the Titanic exhibit, but glad I had the chance to experience this one.