October 24, 2008

Important Issues

We live in crazy times. There is so much going on right now. Very important stuff that we really need to pay attention to. The election, the economy, the war, world hunger...It's overwhelming when you really think about it.

I think we should all step back a moment and focus on what's really important in life...MY HAIR. It's at that crazy point right now where i can grow it back out or cut it again. Ack!!! What to do?

Now this is a serious tragedy!! Forget the stock market fluctuating. Should my hair go UP or DOWN!??!

Here to help you make the most important decision of your lives are some rare pictures of me.



Take a while and really ponder this decision...a lot rests on you. Look at it from all sides and take all things into account. The happiness of so many rests in your able hands.


meegz said...

This is much more important than poitics!! I say short.:)

Jayne said...

This is definitely vital information, and I agree that we need to be informed. Katie, I'd say you look pretty darn hott in both pics, but I'd go with... yeah I think short too. It's fun, and we love fun!

The Wageman Clan said...

I also say short! How are you? I love your blog and since it's been a while since I've read it, it was so fun.

Sue said...

Definitely short!! You look so sophisticated and cute at the same time.
Love ya!
Aunt Sue

Doug and Rachel said...

Katie, you know me and short hair! But I think you look gorgeous both ways - if I grow my hair out, (which I may do, due to lack of cheap hairdresser in Germany A.K.A. Shelly Carrigan) I would love your curls! Hey, we would love you to visit us here. Tickets vary; I've heard as good as $400 and as awful as $1200! You just have to keep on top of it and unfortunately you need a passport too and make sure we can come get you from the airport etc. or know your way around really good! Good luck with the hair!

zachary said...

LONG! Long Long Long! :)

karla said...

I'd give my opinion, but you'll just remove it. :(

Kate said...

I certainly would not remove it! And i would love your opinion on the length of my hair.