September 1, 2008

Trotting & Sheepdogs

So i had a riding lesson on Friday and we worked on trotting the entire time. My body will never be the same. I looked like a jackhammer for the first little while. That poor horse must've though i was jumping up and down on his back. I got the hang of it, got into a rhythm and then she taught me posting. Again i was all over the place. I kept sneaking my left hand up to hang on to the saddle...very bad...and getting caught. Once i got the hang of it i LOVED posting. It's great. I was so excited when the lesson was i over, i felt great! Then i went to work and sat in front a computer for 8 hours. The first time i tried to stand didn't happen. Egads I hurt. I woke up the next day with bruises the size of Utah on my legs.

This was a few days later so not quite so scary.

Despite the physical battering it was a great lesson. i'm afraid i'm a bit addicted now. I need find some cheaper lessons...

Ready for me to admit to my inner geek? Okay on Saturday i went to the International Sheepdog Classic over at Soldier Hollow. It was so cool! Those dogs are amazing. So, so smart. It was really cool to watch. As a side note...i hate sheep even more now. They are the dumbest animals ever! Rocky Mountain Maggots. (Do any of you ever wonder why The Savior calls us His sheep? I mean i know, but ponder that one for a minute.)

They also has a SplashDog competition. It was so cute. Some of the dogs were so nervous and some just flew off the edge. This big ole Newfoundland was shaking she was so scared. Her "mom" let her get down.

This is the cute Newfy.

This very smart dog ran to the ledge, decided that he didn't want to jump, ran off the platform, around the side and grabbed the ball from the exit ramp. He was very smart.

They also had duck herding. It was so hard! The poor dogs were really put to the test.

And we had some great food, of course.
Gyros and funnel cake. Yum!!!


Jayne said...

I love you Katie, but that bruise photo is disgusting. We're so glad that you lived through that traumatizing lesson!

The Wageman Clan said...

I love that you're taking riding lessons. So cool!! I also am glad that someone else knows how stupid sheep are. My grandpa raised them so I totally know what you mean.