September 25, 2008

Long time no see!

Hey ya'll! I've been MIA on the blogging scene for a week now and I can tell that you were devastated. Hundreds of comments and emails asking where i was and if i was okay... Or, nope, my bad, not one. Eh, none of you ever comment anyway so i'm not too hurt :-)

So i just spent a wonderful week in Oregon with my beautiful cousin Laila and her pretty much the most brilliant kid on the planet son Jacob. Her husband Trent was out of town so flew in to keep her company (thank you!!!!). Jacob is pretty much the cutest little boy on the planet (don't tell Jonah or Leland). All three of them are just crazy cute kids but Jacob is at such a fun age. He is curious and stubborn and going 100 miles per house all day...and night. We pretty much sat around the house and played with Jacob the entire time...and it was GREAT! I wrapped up the visit by accidentaly calling Cousin Trent in Hawaii at 1AM. Sorry Trent! I owe you big time.

I love that i'm sounding a lot like Seriously So Blessed and i don't even care.

Okay here are all the pics of Jacob the wonder baby!

We also went to the farmer's market on saturday. The markets in Oregon are fantastic. Huge boquets of flowers for $15. We all bought one.

I will do my post tomorrow on all the other great stuff at the market. Ta ta for now! I miss you Jacob!!!!!


Jayne said...

Oh Katie Kate, I checked your blog twice a day while you were gone hoping against hope that you would take time out of your busy Jacob schedule to post something for your faithful readers! We are so glad that you are back!

Those bouquets are amazing, seriously!

Laila said...

Yea! Jacob made the blog! He has arrived :-). He loves you so much and had such a wonderful time with his auntie tatie. Thank you so much for coming out and keeping us company. You are the best, I love you oodles.