September 29, 2008

It's Farmer's Market Time!

QUESTION: What are you favorite things from the farmer's market?

I LOVE farmer's markets. I fell in love with them in Oregon where the markets are spectacular. Fresh flowers for crazy cheap prices. Raw honey, fresh fruits and veggies. Darling handmade clothing and crafts. What's not to like? The farmers's market in PC is great once fall hits. We have a wicked short growing season here and not much is ready to harvest until September-ish. But everything is ready now and i'm taking full advantage. Also, in a not so healthy vein, there is a booth at the market that sells brownies. But not just any brownies. Huge macadamia nut brownies. Chock full of nuts and with a delicious, salty, sweet layer of macadamia cookie crust type thinger on the bottom. Sigh. My butt will never be the same.

Anyhoo...while in Oregon we of course hit the farmers market. I only bought flowers and kettle corn cuz i was only there for few days, but here are some of the beautiful things i saw.

This is Maurice. He sells these:

The best cheesecake i've ever had. Wow.

Tell me all about your farmer's market!!


Jayne said...

Is the one in PC still going on?! I was so sad when the Heber one closed for the year, and I just assumed that PC was done too. It's on Wednesdays, right? What times?

Kate said...

Hey hon. Yeah the market goes through the end of October. It's open on Wednesdays from noon to six i think. Mom has gone a couple of times, she loves to go... :-)

Janaan said...

Mmm... I love fresh honeybutter.

Sue said...

I must agree that Oregon has the best Farmer's market. You name it and we grow it! The peaches are to die for.

Love sharing the Oregon lifestyle with anyone willing to come here.