September 12, 2008

Name That Photo..Any Photo

Well i am at home sick for the third day in a row. It sounds nice when i'm sitting at work, to have a sick day, sit at home in front of the TV and drink orange juice. It's not. It sucks. It's gorgeous outside today and i can't even go out!

Okay, enough complaining. There are a lot worse things than having a cold. I have it pretty darn good and i can put up with gallons of mucus and constant hacking for a few days.

So as i sit here in a DayQuil daze i will post some random pics that haven't found a home in another post. Please don't blame me...blame the DayQuil.

If you would like to take a stab at 'Name That Photo' for any of them, please do. I could use some entertaining reading. Maybe i'll come up with a cool prize. Maybe some DayQuil.

These were taken at Stake Conference (church for those not up on Mormon lingo) We were obviously listening really closely :-)

I love that face.

Billy's dog came to work.

We found this so funny! I mean i know it says striping not stripping but we still laughed our heads off. it was a friday.


Jayne said...

Alright, I'll have a go: the kids are dazed and confused just like their mother. Leland is adorable, and that's just a fact. So is Billy's dog, look at that face! Little concerned about the catty that looks like he's chopped in half. I love the striping sign. I would have laughed my head off too. The next picture makes me happy and ready for winter! The last picture makes me wonder what on earth you were making that called for that much butter, because I want the recipe:)

Michelle said...

What in the crap is that thing crawling on the shoe? It's giving me the willies!

Kate said...

it's a ginormis caterpiller on my tire :) cute eh? Don't worry, I relocated it before driving away.

Jayne said...

Hi Kate! We miss you!