September 3, 2008

Bouncing Babies

Jayne, Emmy and Jonah came for a visit last night and we had so much fun bouncing on the tramp...okay Emmy had so much fun jumping on the tramp. She doesn't really like it when other people get on with her. It throws off her groove.

Jumping makes her soooo happy. Just look at this face.

The shirt says it all!

And look at this little boy! What a face. Hi Jonah! Hi Auntie Katie!

These kids make me so happy. I love em.

Here is sweet Leland teaching Jonah to crawl. He is crawling at 5 months! Isn't that a bit early? What a couple of cute boys.

1 comment:

Jayne said...

he he he that was so fun:) I am not kidding, Em asks every day if we can "Go jump on An Tatie's trampoline" Thank you!