August 4, 2008

Tramp Time

So I had a wonderful weekend. I got to babysit Emmy on Friday and went to the Heber Rodeo Saturday night. Pretty much the best weekend ever!

I picked up Emmers on my way home from work and we ate mac & cheese and bounced on the tramp and went to visit the horses. She has figured out the jumping thing and LOVES the trampoline. I wish i could put an audio file of her saying Trampoline on here. It's priceless. This might be my favorite new pic of her:
Don't worry, she was fine. She just bonked her nose and after i kissed it better she went back to jumping. But i love her face here. Is this bad of me? Maybe a mom wouldn't like the face...but an aunt does. Very funny stuff.

Look at the hair on this kid, amazing:
After i took Emmy home, where I held Jonah for awhile and read Emmy a bedtime story, i headed back to my very lonely, quiet house for an exciting Friday night. And look what was waiting on my porch!!!!
She was so sweet. I'm not sure where she came from but she made my night (she made me think of Nell). I know all the dogs around here and don't recognize her. We sat on the porch for a long time discussing life and listening to the bug zapper (i'll discuss the bug zapper later). It's very cathartic to sit in the dark with a dog leaning against you listening intently to your every word.

If i can't have a husband yet can i at least have a dog!??!?!?!?!? Renting...blah.


Jayne said...

You're right, her Mom thinks that that picture is sad... but I see it everyday (at least 20 times) (okay that's exagerrating). That kid can milk it. Where do they learn these things?

Kate said...

Oh! Sorry Jayne. It is a sad pic but it was funny in the moment. She totally milked the situation but it was okay cuz i got to give her a big hug and kiss to make it better and that made my day! I don't know where they learn it from but they learn it well!

Lori-Mrsjinglebob said...

Dogs in most ways are better than men. Dogs can't earn a lot of money or support you big style but they are very very loyal.

You want a border collie?
One of your very own?
I have seven in my barn.
One week old.
Fat and squirmy.
And they grunt a lot.

You want a Nell of your very about 38th weeks?



Lori said...

uh....make that 8 weeks.....

Kirby3131 said...

I saw your comment on PW's site about being a babysitter and a flop with made me laugh so I stopped by!

The picture of the pooch is just adorable - looks like a baby Nell, agreed.

Have a great day!