August 26, 2008

Topic for Tuesday August 26 - School Days

This week, for posterity's sake, share with us a school memory from your own childhood.

What is your earliest memory of school, what did you love about the first week of school, who was your favorite teacher, subject, or playground game?


karla said...

I remember my first day of school. My mommy walked me, I remember it being a loooong walk. A boy fell asleep during story time, I recall thinking he was "a big baby". My favorite teacher was Mrs. Rose(4th grade), she turned me on to reading ala Little House On the Praire.
I loved four-square and at the base school in Detroit, right after lunch, the kids would clear the gym, turn on a record player (boy, that ages me!) and 'DO THE HUSSLE'! Haha! can you believe that! I loved to dance!

Janaan said...

What is your earliest memory?

Kate said...

Oh you actually want me to comment on my own blog?! Weird.

My earliest school memory is actually of preschool. Yes i went to preschool...I was homeschooled after that. I remember beanbag chairs and making black construction paper picture books for my parents. My favorite teacher was of course my mom and i loved field trips. We would go to museums and other cool hands-on places. I love that huge electric sphere that would make your hair stand up. What about you Janaan?