August 4, 2008

Happy Trails to You....

They played that song as we were leaving the rodeo, i love that song.

So the Heber Rodeo was this weekend, it's actually called the Mountain Valley Stampede but we all just call it the Heber Rodeo. The theme this year was Tough Enough to Wear Pink to support breast cancer. Most of the cowboys wore pink shirts (which i love!) and even the Diamond G guys who ran things and brought the stock wore pink bandannas.

The announcer did the coolest tribute to the flag and had a prayer! it was really great. I love this town. I love that they were not afraid to pray in public and that they made a really big deal over the flag. It was racing around the arena and i started crying...i always do at rodeo's when the flag goes around. Don't know why, but i always do.

This was one of the Diamond G cowboys. I was in love with him. He has the coolest handlebar mustache ever! I couldn't get a good pic of it though.
I also fell in love with these two horses:

Look at this row of pink-shirted cowboys...awesome
And this guy in the HOT pink
Sorry about the focus. I wasn't holding still very well.

This row of hats in front of me
Oh and this couple
They are my favorite, i love them.

This was the other guy i fell in love with
He and his wife and three girls sat right behind me. He was so stinkin' cute with his girls. If guys knew how hot they were with little kids the single ones would be haulin' their siblings and nieces and nephew around everywhere.

This chick did a half time show and it was so cool. She is Amanda Payne from Oklahoma and she is an amazing rider. Very cool, if you have a chance to see her, do it.
Sorry, terrible pic.


Liz said...

How fun! I havent been to a rodeo in so long, I'll have to do that again this fall at the fair.

Katy said...

You name always catches my eye on Pioneer Woman because I used to be a Katy K. I love your blog and I'm totally going to steal your Jack Handey button! Love it!

Anonymous said...

The pickup man is Bret Reeder and he is ALL cowboy. His wife works behind the chutes. She is very handy too.
I have been taking pictures of Bret for years.
The handlebar has been his trademark for a long long time.


Mrsjinglebob said...

I finished watching your picture slide show and recognized another photo subject.
The pickupman on the paint horse is Gilbert's son. Give me a few days and I'll remember his name. LOL
Neal? Heck, I can't remember!
There were three pickup men in Heber, right? The third is Calvin Amy and he is Steve Gilbert's right hand man.
He's also very very handy...a real cowboy.
Was Cindy Gilbert pulling the flanks? She is going to kill someone someday. It's one thing for a woman to do a man's work. It's another for a woman to be a big enough person to admit she's just not strong enough to do the job.

Great pictures!
I've never been to the Heber Pro Rodeo but I've heard good things about it. A lot of bronc riders from Rich County compete over there.

Lori aka MrsJinglebob

Liz said...

Hope you got your Breaking Dawn book!

Kate said...

Thanks Lori! The pickup guys were all great, i love that you know them all! I was so in love with the paint "Neal" was riding, coolest markings ever. Those horses are amazing. So smart. I'm not sure if Cindy was pulling flanks or not...i know they were having trouble with that part of it though. I like the Heber Rodeo a lot, it's always fun. And there are a ton of Rich county guys in it, they are really good cowboys.

Mrsjinglebob aka Lori said...

The guy's name is Kieth Gilbert.
I TOLD you I'd think of it in a day or too.

Yes. We have some good cowboys here in Rich County.

Remember last May I told you about the Testicle Festival/Ranch Rodeo in Woodruff? Tomorrow, in Randolph, is the Rich County Fair Ranch Rodeo. Of course, my team will be the best! If you haven't anything to do, come on up. I'll be the short, overweight woman standing by the fence with a camera in front of her face! I'd love to meet you.