July 30, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

So i know that here are some very important thing happening in the world right now but i would like to focus on something trival for just a sec. DSW!!! I love DSW but up until now i've had to make due with stocking up when i go to Oregon (they didn't have online shopping). NO MORE I TELL YOU! Welcome to the 21st century DSW. We have left the dark ages and entered the age of enlightenment (also known as a finding the perfect pair of shoes on clearance).
Not only do they now offer online shopping but you can view the shoes in HD. OMH!!! It's crazy, i'm still reeling.

I like these a lot...if anyone is wondering.

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Jayne said...

Katie Kate you crack me up. I just love your blog. It's such a bright funny calm spot in my hectic day:)