July 15, 2008

The Grandparents Kepsel

We had a wonderful visit from our Kepsel grandparents (whom we don't see enough of) this past weekend. They are so much fun. It's great to hear stories about what a hellion my dad was as a kid.
Mom made a delicious dinner of homemade pizza. She is quite the gourmet.
Good thing an actual baby didn't need the bouncer.
Emmy has discovered her tongue. She loves to stick it out...and take pictures. It took a little while to get it right. She kept looking me to make sure i was doing to too.

We finally got right!
Aren't we gorgeous?!?!? I love my Emmy-girl.


Janaan said...

That pizza looks delicious. She should share the recipe.

Kate said...

Mom, your recipe has been requested...Share please :-)

Jayne said...

Yes please share! I'd love to make it for my family, they LOVE true Italian Pizza, as you can imagine.

Jayne said...

P.S. You are so beautiful, Kate! I wish I looked that good with my tongue hanging out of my face!