June 10, 2008

Weekend in Oregon

I love Oregon. It really is the perfect state (in my opinion, and i haven't been to all of them yet!). It has the ocean and mountains and everything in between. It also has a beautiful baby boy named Jacob!!!! I was able to spend the whole weekend, except for Sunday when i selfishly took off for the coast with Aunt Sue, holding him and playing with him. His smile lights up the whole room, it's amazing.
He's on the far left. In the middle is Jonah and on the right is Emmy (you all know her!)

Jayne and Caleb were out on the coast for a vacation with Jayne's family and they stopped by Laila and Trents for dinner one night. It was so fun to have them there. And to compare Jacob and Jonah's heads...
Jacob is three months older than Jonah, but isn't that awesome?!?

It's been decided that i have a very baby-friendly chest. They ALL fall asleep on me really quickly. I guess that's one good thing about big boobs...

I also got to spend time with my little Lucy-goosie (the ONLY tiny dog I like). Such a sweetie.
The coast was soooo perfect on Sunday. The sun came out and it was warm. Just beautiful.

We went up to Ecola State Park and found this tree:
Isn't she cool? Tough old bird. I love that she's just hangin' on even though it's obviously not a great place to be living. She must like the view.

Oooo! One more and then i will put the rest in a slide show so this post isn't 10 pages long. There was a rainbow around the sun! It was so cool. I didn't know if i should actually take a picture of the sun so i just took one of the edge and the rainbow. It was very beautiful.
Pretty eh?

Ok, the rest are in a slide show.

Laila, i will send you the ones of Jacob :-) Thanks so much for putting up with me for the weekend! I love you!


Jayne said...

You are so right, Jacob is beautiful! That photo of their heads cracks me up! Ahhhh, I love my little peanut head boy:)

Jayne said...

Sorry, two comments from me today: Kate! You are seriously getting good at photography! I love your photos

Sue said...

The photos are beautiful!! I think I will have to print and frame a couple of them. Awesome job! Isn't mother nature grand!!!!

It was a beautiful day and we loved having you in Oregon for the weekend.

Aunt Sue

Kate said...

Thank you so much Aunt Sue for taking the time to go to the coast with me!!! and for picking me up and dropping me off at the airport...and for dinner...and lunch...