June 14, 2008

Power Outage

So before i get into the the amazing power outage story can i just show you this pic of the weather monday morning?
Snow! In June!! I mean i know we aren't getting the worst of the weather...no tornadoes, no flooding...so i really have no right to complain. At least it's very pretty and helps the plants.

The power went out at work on Wednesday and so we spent a good hour doing...nothing much.
We received some 3-d glasses in the mail. They are kinda trippy to wear.

This is Rusty. Hilary just rescued him. He is the cutest guy. Such cool coloring. And look at this:
He has a white tush! Like a deer. No other white anywhere, just the tocks.

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Maine Lakefront Club said...

Rusty is famous - thanks Katie! He'll be signing autographs after the show.